Side Effects of a Diet Only Eating Fruit

Side Effects of a Diet Only Eating Fruit – Many ways to lose weight have been revealed, including simply eating fruit. Some believe that a diet only with fruit will speed up weight loss due to its low fat and calorie content. However, Nutritionist from Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Let Weng Chuxiang said that although fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, fruit lacks high-quality protein, starch (carbohydrates) and fat.

In an interview with local media, reported by Asian Parent, Weng explained that just by consuming fruit for a long period of time, the body cannot get balanced nutrition. This can result in detrimental outcomes for weight control and overall health. To control weight, Weng then advises against blindly following “fad diets” and recommends choosing a proper and balanced diet plan. You can get many other interesting benefits just by visiting the provider’s site trusted

This can be done by planning appropriate food portions. Other recommendations include reducing fried foods and consuming more boiled or steamed foods. In this way, said Weng, individuals will be able to persist for a longer period of time in achieving effective and safe weight loss.

Apart from that, he also gave health tips for fruit lovers to consume them more healthily.

1. Choose to eat fruit instead of drinking juice

Weng explained that press juice results in the loss of the fruit’s three main nutrients, namely fiber, vitamins and minerals. All that’s left is water and sugar. Moreover, packaged fruit juice usually has added sugar.

2. Consume two servings of fruit every day

One serving of fruit is equivalent to a small apple, orange or pear, a slice of papaya or pineapple; 10 medium sized grapes or bananas. The senior nutritionist explains that moderation is key. Because it’s not a case of eating more fruit, the better. Therefore, experts recommend consuming enough fruit, namely two portions a day. Get more benefits by being a part of mahjong ways 2 which provides everything in one touch.

3. Consume a variety of fruits

Eating a variety of fruits will allow the body to get all the important nutrients it needs. If necessary, buy frozen fruit which can be stored longer.

According to the senior nutritionist, the nutritional value of frozen fruit is no less than that of fresh fruit.

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